The Tsai Art and Science Foundation has worked on several significant projects over the past few years including a documentary on Tsai’s life and work and an exhibition space in Soho, NY. In March 2015, we organized a symposium on Tsai in Beijing entitled “Cybernetic Sculptor Tsai Wen-Ying: A Life Unifying Art and Science, Bridging East and West.”  In 2016, Tsai’s sculpture “Umbrella,” which is part of the Tate collection, was exhibited in the New Tate Modern. In 2019, Wen-Ying and his son London Tsai exhibited works in ZKM’s show entitled “Negative Space.” We are looking forward to organizing more exhibitions of Tsai’s work and the work of his contemporaries. We have finished editing a new book of essays about Tsai and images of his artwork to be published in Beijing. As of 2020, we have set up two facilities for the conservation of Tsai sculptures: one in Upstate New York and the other in Basel, Switzerland. Our long-term projects include establishing an artist residency and building a museum.