The Tsai Art and Science Foundation can also provide conservation services to museums, galleries, and private collectors. These services are available in New York, USA or Basel, Switzerland.

Due to the complexity and uniqueness of Wen-Ying Tsai’s artworks, a comprehensive conservation plan is required for the main piece itself. Individual repairs, or replacement of parts and key components, may be available at the discretion of the foundation. 

The objective for repair and preservation of an authentic Tsai piece is to bring the work back to its original operating appearance and performance, while also preserving the legacy and true spirit and ideals of Tsai the artist. This is accomplished by trained conservators using a sympathetic blend of Tsai’s original methods and materials, with some modern processes and technologies, to strengthen the piece’s durability and longevity. Pre- and post-conservation efforts will be documented and linked to the individual piece’s historical information in the Tsai inventory.

It is best to first contact us directly via the contact form below. Following initial contact, a detailed intake form will need to be filled out, which will then be followed-up by a video call with one of our staff.

In New York, the conservation work is done on the premises of the Tsai Art and Science Foundation. In Basel, the conservation work is done by Ming Tsai in our European workshop.

Conservation contact