The Tsai Art and Science Foundation was established to continue the vision of cybernetic sculptor Wen-Ying TSAI to support and bring awareness to endeavors that are at the intersection of the arts and sciences. In addition to preserving the unique works of Wen-Ying TSAI and maintaining his archive for the enjoyment and scholarship of future generations, the Foundation will develop programming that will showcase contemporary artists and scientists whose work contribute not only to the understanding of both realms, but also to their critical interdependence, which exemplifies the spirit of Wen-Ying TSAI.

Future programming will take the form of exhibitions at the Foundation’s primary space in SoHo, New York; educational outreach to local schools; hosting events such as public dialogues and round-tables featuring artists and scientists; and facilitating the research and exhibition of TSAI’s work around the world.  The Foundation is also planning to build a museum structure in Upstate New York.

Wen-Ying TSAI was an American pioneer Cybernetic sculptor and Kinetic artist best known for creating cybernetic sculptures using electric motors, stainless steel rods, stroboscopic light, and audio feedback control.  As one of the first Chinese-born artists to achieve international recognition in the 1960s, Tsai was an inspiration to generations of Chinese artists around the world.