海报25张 210x300 symposiumOn March 25th, 2015, the National Art Museum of China, 中国美术馆, hosted a symposium on Tsai’s art and contributions entitled “Cybernetic Sculptor Tsai Wen-Ying: A Life Unifying Art and Science, Bridging East and West,” 艺术与科学–蔡文颖创作成就学术研讨会.  A book with complete texts and images is being edited and will be published in the Summer of 2017.

Speakers included:

Shao Dazhen 邵大箴
Pei de Tsai 蔡张培蒂
Jin Shangyi  靳尚谊
Yang Lizhou 杨力舟
Fan Di’an 范迪安
Wu Weishan 吴为山
Lu Xiaobo 鲁晓波
An Yuanyuan 安远远
Sun Zhenhua 孙振华
Ding Ning 丁宁
Yu Ding 余丁
Shang Hui 尚辉
Wu Hongliang 吴洪亮
Xia Yang 夏阳
Li Jianqun 李建群
Zhang Ga 张尕
Pan Qing 潘晴
Zhang Miaomiao 张苗苗
Zhao Puhua  赵普华
Chen Qiang 谌强
Zhang Yumei 张玉梅
Lun-Yi London Tsai 蔡论意

Photos: Xue Wenfeng 薛文峰